Tuesday, February 3, 2009

List Update

Today I decided to change my list just a tiny bit. It occurred to me that number 29, Pay off Kitchen Appliances, under "Finances" was redundant. Truthfully, due to the nature of the debt, I believe it is already housed under number 33, Pay off Credit Cards. That means that I could put another goal on my list in its stead.

I chose File 2008 Taxes. I know that April 15 is still pretty far away, but I want to get this done ASAP. And truthfully, I'm almost positive that I was actually supposed to have them filed by January 31. So that actually makes me delinquent (shhh... don't tell anyone), and since I seem to finish things on this list faster than my regular To-Do list, I figure it makes a wise addition. Furthermore, I think replacing one item related to finances with another is really the best course of action. I was tempted to put another fun item on the list instead, but my practicality got in the way.

Finished Goals: 10/101
Days Left:

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