Friday, February 27, 2009

Make the Bed Every Day for 1 Week

Rich's parents gave me this beautiful new bedding for Hanukkah. Considering how I excited I was to receive it, you would think I would have rushed right upstairs to get it on my bed. Well, I didn't; I procrastinated.

Last week I just couldn't take it anymore. It didn't make sense for me to have this beautiful bedding sitting in a bag in my living room when it could be adorning my bed. So I took it out of the bag, washed it, and made the bed with it for the first time. Then I figured I may as well just keep doing it everyday. So Rich and I made a deal: he makes the bed on Saturdays and I make the bed Sunday-Friday. So far, it's worked out really well. Now I just need a few more pillows and some new sheets, and that portion of our bedroom will be all done.

Finished Goals: 16/101
Days Left:


  1. It's gorgeous.

    Interestingly, for Christmas, Jeremy's mom gave me the nicest sheets I've ever had, a new down comforter. And I picked up a new duvet with gift cards from his brother & sister-in-law, and my dad. It's been a good motivator to make the bed almost daily.

  2. Thank you! I really love it. And it has most definitely motivated me to make the bed daily. I've always enjoyed a nicely made bed, but when it's pretty, I want to make it.