Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Complete 50 Hours of Continuing Education

This one was pretty easy because I love learning new things and attending classes. I think if money were no object, I would be a professional student. But since that isn't possible right now, I'm happy to be a student of my profession.

Most of the classes I took were at The International Dermal Institute in downtown Chicago. They have a great facility and I really like the instructors. As a matter of fact, my next 101/1001 includes another goal involving taking more classes there. I'm looking forward to it already.

In the meantime, here is a list of the qualifying classes for accomplishing this goal:

Threading Course 2 hours 5/21/10
How To: Gain New Clients and Increase Services 2 hours 6/16/10
Hydroxy Acids and Exfoliation Techniques 6 hours 8/12/10
Ayurvedic Diagnosis for the Skin Therapist 6 hours 8/25/10
Medical and Technological Trends 3 hours 9/20/10
Photodamaged and Aging Skin 6 hours 11/17/10
Understanding Cosmeceutical Ingredients in Skin Products 3 Hours 1/24/11
The Brain-Skin Connection 2 hours 4/18/11
Reflexology 12 hours 4/19/11-4/20/11
Chinese Diagnosis: Face and Body Reading 6 hours 5/11/11
Skin Diseases and Disorders 3 hours 6/29/11
Total: 51 hours 6/29/11

Finished Goals: 80/101
Days Left:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Create a New 101/1001

It took me a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months to finish. I can't really remember how long it took me to write this list, so I'm not completely sure if that's a long time or not. Regardless, it's written, and you can find it here. I will start the day after the 1001 days on this list is complete. And yes, I am definitely a masochist.

Finished Goals: 79/101
Days Left: 120

Friday, June 3, 2011

Take a Dance Lesson

Last night Rich and I bought a Groupon Now! that took us to the North side of Chicago for some dancing. It was date night, and we thought it would be fun to try something different from the movie and dinner plans we often have. Plus, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone: 1. have a fun date night with Rich doing something active, and 2. knock a goal off my list.

We ended up at ARTango Center Chicago, where we learned the basic steps of the Argentinian Tango. The couple who run the studio and teach the lessons were fun and helpful. I liked them a lot, and I think had there been less people there, or if we took a private lesson, it would be a lot more fun than we had last night. It was just way too crowded, and there wasn't a lot of space to move. We kept bumping into other couples. But don't get me wrong, we still had a lot of fun. I would go again.

Finished Goals: 78/101
Days Left: 135