Sunday, March 15, 2009

Make 3 Scarves for Knit Your Bit

Today I finished the last of my three scarves for Knit Your Bit. The reasons why I chose to make three are because one or two just didn't seem like enough, and the project has been going on now for three years. It seemed like just the right fit.

Originally, I downloaded the patterns they had available on the site, but after doing the first one, I decided to look for another pattern to use instead of the other two I got from them. I found one I really liked, and so I used it for both of the other scarves, but with different colors. I think they turned out pretty well. My plan is to continue looking for new patterns and make one or two each year going forward. I hope the vets who get my scarves enjoy them!
Finished Goals: 21/101
Days Left:


  1. Aw! They look sooo nice. I'm sure they will be just as happy to have a Jen original as I am!