Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Send Mother's Day and Father's Day Cards Annually

So Father's Day hasn't happened this year quite yet, BUT, I'm counting this goal as completed because I'm not actually going to be sending Father's Day cards this year. Instead, I get to spend Father's Day with all the dads in my life. That's way better. And, because I'll be seeing them all in person, I'll also be giving them their cards in person.

The truth is, I'm actually really good at sending Mother's Day and Father's Day cards. I put this goal on the list because I wanted to make sure I was diligent about sending them on time. See, it's the on time part that I'm not always so diligent about. But I did it. And now it's just a matter of continuing to do it.

Finished Goals: 76/101
Days Left: 158

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