Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get a Colonic

I debated about putting this on the list. Actually, at first I didn't; I put something else on that wasn't really attainable. And so when I finally decided to get a colonic, I also decided it was the right thing to do to change the goal I put on this list in its stead.

Without getting into a lot of personal detail, I'll just say that gastrointestinal distress has been a part of my daily life for as long as I can remember. I've always felt ruled by my colon, and I decided that I really need to take control of that and change it.

As it so happens, colon hydrotherapy is a service that is offered at the salon I work at. At first, I was nervous about having such a personal, embarrassing and possibly humiliating service done by a coworker, but I decided to just bite the bullet. After all, I tease my coworkers to no end when they say they don't want to have a bikini wax with me because it would be too embarrassing. I can't be a hypocrite!

While my first time was actually pretty traumatic, after going through it and discussing what is going on with my body and my dietary choices with my service provider, I decided to commit to a series of weekly sessions over eight weeks. Each week got easier, and I also learned a lot about myself, my attitudes toward food, and how to better manage my diet. Plus, in the process I lost six pounds!

Pretty sure this is going to become a regularly monthly part of my preventive health care plan.

Finished Goals: 75/101
Days Left: 178

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